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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 15, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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president macron speaking there hugh schofield, just listening in to wnflrur has caved into the building. we are told that part of the main structure tonight paying tribute to the will hopefully survive, but as you firefighters and their courage. can president macron, who has said the you just give us a more detailed worst has been avoided but can see there, flames still shooting translation? he said the worst has expressing the great sadness of this through. we know that there's been tragedy. and saying the symbolism of been avoided, and i assume by that m essa 9 es through. we know that there's been messages from right around the he means that the threat to the world, from leaders everywhere, the cathedral as a building for all structure of the cathedral is not hoping that this building can be french people, even though french what it was feared it might be. and people who have never been there saved. it is 800 years old. it took that the building will stand and be rebuilt. what he was single for that regarded as part of themselves, all 200 years to create. our paris was a tribute to the work of the french people, and enter troubling firefighters. who he praised at when they saw the cathedral burn. he length for their courage and who he was ending there saying there is a correspondent hugh schofield has been following events for the past message of hope in that you must said had worked for hours and that few hours since smoke and flames they would be working for days to be... again, i guess, this idea the started appearing in paris along the come. he praised the worst has been cathedral will stand and will be banks of the river seine. avoided, and i think we must read rebuilt. yes, i know he is saying he when you look at what happened in that as being a sign of hope, that wa nts to the last few hours, it unraveled so rebuilt. yes, i know he is saying he wants to express his catholic tell fast, it unraveled so quick, how the building, though damaged and mike —— is simply search catholic much of this building can be saved? off—limits for many years to come, people around the world. again, back oi’ i think we can be relatively off—limits for many years to come, or many months to come, is not going to collapse. it is going to stand to president macron. he is still
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and re—emerge as the building we know and love. let'sjust listening optimistic, it seems wrong to use speaking. for a few more moments to president the term optimistic. it's been a speaking french disaster. but it don't think the structure of the building itself is macron. in danger. and i'm constantly reminded of the fact that other speaking french mediaeval have suffered terrible president macron there, speaking damage. i am thinking of... very after that visit with an emotional embrace there from one of the church badly damaged during the first world leaders, obviously, from notre dame war by the german army, its cathedral. his wife there in that crowd. and hugh, again, i know you destruction it was very important to him about survived and it's still we re crowd. and hugh, again, i know you were just listening into there. —— it's on destruction, was crowd. and hugh, again, i know you werejust listening into president micron‘s final few words —— very important, and it's still there. the point is it's really president macron. the last few sick, heavy stone. i think the words, we will rebuild. committing towers, the walls, the buttresses himself and france to recreating the committee windows still there —— and full glory of the gothic structure
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which is notre—dame cathedral, although i really do repeat for the windows are still there. they maybe who have not seen the picture, have not fallen down. the fire is the roof is gone. it is devastating. but the building still stands. and getting on its way to be put out. what is gone is the roof. it is it will re—emerge to its full glory at some time. president macron gone. and that spire. the spire is not the most important part of the building. the most important part of a p pa re ntly at some time. president macron apparently munching in international fundraising campaign for the the two towers. they are not under cathedral. one final thought. this threat any more and going to survive. we are just looking at was the night he was supposed to images there of the firefighters. have a political speech. again, president macron, i think we can looking at the images of these just see to the right. and the prime firefighters dowsing this key symbol of france. how is this going to change the mood across the country? minister, of course, and we are told it means that whole political that we may hear a few words of arguments is put to one side, and sublets just have a listen. there will be a truce that will last through easter. he quite rightly decide if you cannot talk about
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political reform, economic change and so on on a night like this. he speaking french said the right words. it's what people will have wanted. there was talk of a big demonstration in paris this coming saturday which would have been a response to his words tonight will i expect that will be called off out of respect, because people won't have their heart in it. that will not sweep to one side the whole context of the yellow vests. they will be back. hugh schofield in paris, thank you so much. we can bring in benedicte iam afraid i am afraid we don't have a paviot, who is the uk translation, but i think he's done correspondent for france 24. echo can you tell us what's been i don't know if you are able to hear said there? it sound like it was... those statements in full, in particular from iam not those statements in full, in particularfrom president those statements in full, in said there? it sound like it was... i am not sure what he was saying, particular from president macron. those statements in full, in particularfrom president macron. he thinking the many hundreds of m essa 9 es thinking the many hundreds of messages the ports were on the road. the first one had been from the chief rabbi of france, who said we are all one with... just to
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interrupt him that we are going to bring in president macron now. speaking french
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